Sunday, September 28, 2008

Second Tyme Around for the Third Time!!!

Hello....Yes, I am STILL out here in the world...don't ask.

As you know, quite a few days ago, I was headed off to Second Tyme Around and that was a success...twice! I took many things, and found to have a nice "balance" of money that I plan on using for our upcoming cruise in October! WooHoo!!! Can't believe it is only a matter of weeks away!

Well, I have some pictures for you from Second Tyme Around, and although Cindy wouldn't let me take HER picture to show you this Goddess of Goodies/Owner/Wonderful Person, I did take a few shots of the shop. Now, remember...this is ONLY three rooms, but takes a LONG time to see all the goodies, as they are everywhere, and once you believe you have seen it all, you are soooooo wrong, and need to start over. My ritual is to go around each room at least three times, then reverse direction and go three more! First round is what I can see at eye level, and the second time is below eye level, and third time is above eye level...and would you believe that I still miss stuff?!?!?! Goodness!

Well, here we go...This first picture doesn't even REFLECT what I get to see when I usually go for the fun...not as an appointment, cuz by the time I get there, the outside has tons of goodies that just promote excitement as to all the other goodies behind those windows, behind all that brick...take a breath, we're going in!

Now once you get inside, there are ONLY three rooms to wander around. But for now, this is all I need! Here is one of my favorite rooms...the "kitchen", which if you notice, look at the old stove in the corner! that NOT something?

Next are two pics from the HUGE back room...there is SOOOOO much to see back here, that I spend a LOT of time in this room alone!

Yep, this is definitely a "junkie's" place to get "high"...LOL!
Shades...Books...Plates of every imaginable kind, and not to mention toys and other goodies, old or new, reproductions and LOTS of antiques and originals!!!

Well, that's it for Second Tyme, at least for THIS post! I brought home some goodies from there, too...someday I will get used to having a third arm and a third brain cell to remember to take a camera, take pictures all day, every day and for everything I do ...I just can't get that part down!

As for the Pixie Dog...poor thing developed a "spot" where her fur just is...GONE! So off to the Vet's and she gave us some spray to put on it after we determined it isn't Ringworm, or Mange...and then the OMG moment of knowing she just HAS to HAVE this Rabies shot we've put off waiting for the "bad" leg to get better, and with that NOT happening, I decided she really needs to have this shot, and I honestly believed they would give it to her in her "bad" leg, and they didn't....oh she has been hobbling about like a poor broken dog....poor thing! LOL!

Well, this is it for now...I have been so busy lately, just trying to get some more dumb projects done, so later I will have to take some AFTER pics so I can share...would be better to have BEFORE pics to see the differences, but as stated before, I just don't seem to have that part of my brain trained yet!

Till Another Time!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Let us just Forget Friday!

Fridays...I'm sure many people are quite fond of this day, as it conjures up many thoughts, in many minds. Payday. Week-end & Weekend. Vacation. You get the picture...My thoughts for Fridays are hurry, rush, get stuff done, and Don't Go Out There! This town has gotten so crowded with people that going ANYWHERE on Friday is just a dreadful thought! Yuck!

But I gotta go Downtown, of all places, to another appointment with Second Tyme Around...I will TRY to remember to take my camera with me ( and use it!) so everyone can see why I think this is a great place! So far, I have two boxes with some stuffs in it...not filled yet, but I am working on it...slowly!

Doesn't look like much, does it? Well, I have a condition....Separation Anxiety! We all have it. I can't bear to get rid of some things, although I have to rationalize that I am NOT using it, have NOT decided what to do with it, or NOT working in the manner I had originally pictured it. So that is my analytical way to just throw it all in a box! The best part is making a few dollars on the flipside of it, and we ALL KNOW that a few extra dollars is something we all can use!

Projects....oh, there are too many! Too many going, and not enough DONE!
Check this dumb thing I made....for Halloween? I guess it will go next to my Gargoyles!?

It's dumb. I was still reeling from my induced paranoia from The Nester and her posts about Fake/Faux Ivy, that I found these absolutely pathetic dried Statice and decided, what the heck, spraypaint it Black and Orange...and then I had the bag, actually several of them, and I made up the label one morning, and WhallaH! I ended up with THIS pathetic thing....I think I'll throw it in the "box" for Second Tyme....there is a "need" for Halloween/Fall decor, and you can have this to burn in the Fireplace! Perfect Firestarter! Recycled Decor to Firestarters? Is THIS where my Talents have left me??? Oh, how sad!

Well, if that isn't BAD enough, look at these!!!

Pray Tell! What the HECK is this going to be!?!? I have NO CLUE! I am telling you, my mind goes, but the outcome is a total WRECK! But I am going to hold onto these, as they are talking to me...and those teeny Acorns??? Are they just NOT soooo darned cute? Craig got these for me the other day and brought them home for WHAT in the world am I to do with these? Any help here will be sooooo gratefully accepted! No puns, please, as I am NOT nuts, but I do HAVE NUTS! Oh geez...I better quit while I am ahead, right?!?!

I also have THESE for a Project I saw on another blog, somewhere....I don't know if I can find it, but oh well...I will TRY to get to this sometime this week, but here is the sneak-peak, and maybe some of YOU can tell me where I am going with this one?

Well, onto other things...I am enjoying the process of changing over to FALL inside the house, and OUTSIDE is starting to reflect the change, also. No turning of leaves, or anything drastic, other than the weather changing to much cooler temps! Hey! Great SprayPainting weather!
But it is a bit on the sad side when certain plants start blooming, as it is the TellTale sign that Summer has come it's end....bringing with it the last of the brightest blooms to be had!

So those beauties above has inspired me to start doing THIS ...

Notice the IVY is missing???? Yep....all due to the Nester....I threw them all in one HUGE basket....hmmmm....that can look really good somewhere!

And then THIS is my husband's new Punkin Keep....LOL! I don't know WHY he BELIEVES they are "better" up there, cuz the Heat near that ceiling is atrocious, and it WILL do those poor babies in....and just IMAGINE that, while he watches his Weather Channel??? Goopy, Gooey, Yuck!

Well, that's it for now...hopefully, I can get those pics later, and I'll post some updates soon!

Till Another Time!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trashy Tuesdays....It's about Trash & Gargoyles?

Well it is, Tuesday, and it is a trashy day! Picture that statement in your head! I can guarantee you don't have a clear one, or at least the one I am intending!
I seem to be stuck on Trash today....
  1. Creating a ton of it.
  2. Making something FROM it.
  3. Getting Rid of it!
So, #1 means I have found a ton of stuff to throw out, and I am getting it ready to be taken away, which I guess goes with #3. Or depends on how I want to look at it....a different angle would have me outside spraypainting anything that is in my hands (including said hands, usually the left one!).
Pray tell, what am I going to do with colored wooden balls? An Old Cookie Tin?
Rusted Paint Can opener?
Various Lids? Not to mention Three Cuphooks???

Well, the ONLY thing I can honestly give an answer to are the Cuphooks....I spray-painted them to go back on a letter rack that I bought from Goodwill Yesterday. I painted then aged this and now I can't decide on whether to sell it or keep it! Don'tcha just Hate That??? What do You do when it comes time to make that decision?
Well, you lookie and you tell me....keep or Sell?

BTW....I think I mentioned I have a "thing" for Gargoyles....didn't I??? Oh well, if I don't remember, I certainly can't expect anyone else to remember, but Hey! I got this addiction to Gargoyles...not ALL of them, cuz honestly, some of them just aren't that pleasant to look at! I tend to like Amusing ones...I'm off topic here, but back on the track...I mentioned shopping at Marshalls a couple of weeks ago, and found one I I bought TWO! Heck, Peter Walsh would have me Arrested by Now! He says we Humans can't just be happy with ONE of something, we buy in Multiples! Well, Bite Me Peter Walsh! I want TWO of these and they are for HALLOWEEN, so THERE! And here is One of my New Buddies to Terrorize Tots!

Don't be isn't MY Fault they get terrified of my really isn't THAT scary!
Anyhoo....I need Ideas for his eyes. Do you see how they were kinda "stained" with some red, but I want them to look "piercing". How do you DO piercing on a heavy concrete/resin/clay figure? I saw some fine glitter in a Neon Green....wondered how THAT would look? Anyone that has an idea to share, now is the time to step up and speak!
Till Another Time!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dollar Tree, GoodWill, Big Lots & Cheap stuffs...

Okay...maybe it is me, or maybe it is just where I live, but today was spent in pensive thought about my latest POOPIE mistakes and trying to rectify the situation. My husband and I took yet another trip to Maryland, and my biggest thing I wanted to do was to hit the Dollar Tree in Hagerstown...since I have seen so many people posting of such wonderful finds they have bought there, I thought I would try, too! Well, I hate to say they lie, but between posts of wonderful things they SAY they find there, and what was there for ME to see, was all too disappointing! Is it just ME? Is it just I have NO LUCK in finding the really neat stuff like everyone else does?

It is the same thing with GoodWill...I rarely find anything like the wonderful goodies I see other people post about! Someone once posted about these pillows that were from Target, and only $4.00 each...they had an ENTIRE bed-ful of beautiful pillows! The things I see at My Local Goodwill has got to be the saddest things I ever saw, and 9 out of 10 times I think should be put on a huge bonfire, along with some other things I can't even Imagine bringing home, or my husband would have my butt in the Looney Bin!

I have found odd ball things at odd ball places, and every once in awhile I find a great thing at a great price, but for the most part I seem to not have the luck that others have, when it comes to stumbling across a great deal!

Big Lots...well, I have about a THOUSAND words for that store, but CHEAP is NOT it! I don't know WHO this Jennifer Farrell is, nor do I care for this line at Big Lots. A few pieces I think I could live with, but everything I have picked up is just not priced for my budget, and for the most part, I think overpriced for Big Lots. I found some great Pumpkins there the other day! They looked like some others that I had bought a few days before at WallyWorld, but guess what? The price was MORE than WallyWorld, and I just couldn't bear to pay that price, so I put them back!

Today, I went to a favorite place of mine, in search of the PERFECT real looking fake plants. I found NOTHING...and this place never disappoints me, but today, I was beyond disappointed! So onward! I will find something, if it is to be found! I know in my storage bins, I have a ton of stuff, leftover from crafts, so I will have to tear it all up and look to see what I can put together, and get on the FASHIONABLE list, once again! I definitely have been taking away some IVY...maybe I should have a giveaway?

Well, I am tired, so I am going to bed, and dream of all those wonderful things that I would like to have in my home...things I love, things that comfort, and things that bring a smile.

Till Another Time!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OMG!!! ---I'm a P.O.O.P.I.E violator!!! Who Knew?!?!?!

Hi Everyone!

Of course I just KNOW that title has gotcha by the woo-woo! But if you have been following my latest posts, it is ALL due to the fact that The Nester at Nesting Place has been talking about the P.O.O.P.I.E. club for about the entire week, and even became her OWN member...BTW, the POOPIE stands for People Opposing Objectionable Pretend Plants In the Environment. I've been waiting for DAYS to see if I would be IN the club and this morning, as I was walking thru my small house that violates every HGTV rule, snapping pics of alllllll my fake plants, I realized I have a small/huge problem...I've acquired WAY TOO MANY Ivy plants!!! Want to know what is worse than THAT??? I must have run into a SALE for Ivy at one time, cuz I noticed I have the same ones, in almost EVERY ROOM!!! Somewhere in there, I think I have just stopped noticing them! So here we go...make sure you notice the REAL Violets with Cat Hair...that I should be taking care of, but they are just too real and require way too many things, as Emily (Nester's sister) ,mentioned in Her post, like water and light.
Watch closely and see if you can spot all the IVY....oh me, oh my....don't hate me!

This one is right above my head...has been there for ...I won't say how long!

This poor hydrangea bush was whacked & hacked for my upcoming HGTV blundered Theme room of Vintage Sea Cottage Bathroom...stay tuned for that in upcoming weeks, cuz I am determined to have that room, cuz the Nester told me that if I like it then so be it!!! And IT will be just THAT!!!

Then I noticed THIS beside it, along with the 4 sample cans of paint that won't work in this room, and I thought,"Okay, but I sprayed this piece with some clear woodtone floral spray to take away the harsh white...Still looks bad!"

Then out to the Living Room/Dining Room, and what do I see??? Tons of horrible Ivy...Tons of the SAME Ivy all over the reproduced...I swear! I don't remember BUYING it in Full Lots, but apparently there had to have been some kind of Sale!!!

And it is EVERYWHERE I Look!!! OMG!!! I am never going to be a member of the POOPIE Club at this point...LOL!

And there are ALL Kinds of FAKE STUFFS around the house, all the way thru the kitchen, the Laundry and so on!!!


Is this an O C D thing, ya think???

How about this?!?!? Does this fall into any brackets of Decorating Faux Pas???
I thought this was a CURRENT TREND!
I could possibly be mistaken! And then I saw THIS....
I hang my head in SHAME!!!
Does the REAL PUMPKIN (hand grown by us!)
TRUMP the horribly fake Ivy?!?!?! I haven't "wood-toned" it yet, but I think I'll have to run right out and do that to give some life!!! LOL!

And above THAT on the top of the hutch....Another crime committed!!!

I say none of this counts....I have explained that I am in a MAJOR redo around here, after being stuck in this house for Three I have noticed quite a few things needing a lift...a MAJOR I have to show you the worst of the worst!!! The top of this Laundry Room Cabinet has NEVER been changed...I have all the excuses, but I will not mention them, cuz I am ashamed that it looks like this...but Hey! I have found MORE things to take to Second Time Around...if it is "worthy" of second life!

Oh....and look at this below...same room, but look at the FAKE pine bough wrapped around the never-used hanger pole...LOL!

Not to mention the last pics....One is the stuff on top of the fridge in the kitchen....but look above THAT...and what do we see?!?!? Yessssss....more freakin' ivy!!! Okay, NESTER, you win!!! There is entirely too much of that crap floating around my house...

And just for the heck of it....I've included this pic of LAST reminds me of what I have to do to get ALL my FAKE pumpkins ready for this year's decorating!!! The Addie cattie just LOVES the fireplace...can ya tell??? Just don't notice that SAME FAKE IVY that is wrapped around those SAME ole candlesticks....but notice the WREATH?!?!? It got BURNED in the fireplace last year, as it was SOOOOO old, it just wasn't any good anymore!

Last but not least....the REAL Violets....ya thought I forgot, huh!!! Well, considering I am a FORMER Greenhouse grower/worker, you would think that I would NEVER treat a plant as horrible as these look! But I assure you, they are still adjusting to their NEW pots and are not too crazy about their new homes, so they are taking a long time to pull themselves together...
they'll be fine!
Notice the GOLD Lotus Pod??? That's REAL!!!!

Those are my crimes...don't hate me, cuz in reality I just LOVE a lot of my ideas...I also have lots more that I have gathered from all those great Bloggers out there!!! Nester, Emily, Rhoda & many, many more!
Have a good day!

Till Another Time!


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Second Tyme Around...Ironic & Iconic!

This better work this time, as yesterday's post (the one I intended, not the one that is there now) had completely threw me into a tizzy and I had to leave the room. The House. The planet...well, leaving the house was all I could do as my car is in no shape to fly....yet!

You may notice that I have not posted in quite some time, so yesterday's post was forever long, and I think that is why it just up and left the screen when I hit the 'publish post' button, but it didn't post, and I went Postal... I'm entitled to do that ya know, before you get the wrong picture of me being a lunatic. I used to be a USPS employee. Therefore, I am entitled to go Postal.

Anyhoo...I have been so ever busy these days...I have been working on the Clutterbusting & Redecorating. I've been taking things to Second Tyme Around, a local consignment shop, sometimes making money from the items I have either made, grown tired of, no longer fits my new frame of mind. In my recent 'homebound' situation of sitting in this house for three months with no way of traveling about, I got really antsy about my decorating schemes... I also started reading other people's Blogs about their decorating, yard sale finds, and new ideas and that fired up the burners for making some changes around here, so lately, everything has been scrutinized and thrown in boxes to be dropped off at Goodwill, Dumpster, Second Tyme...or just given away!
There's only ONE problem with this...I bring stuff BACK into the house I am trying to get stuff out of...and even though it is for the new ideas I am trying to implement, they are being stuffed somewhere till I get to them. And then Disaster struck!!! I read a blog, that linked to a blog and I found out that I am the worst decorator that exists, according to HGTV and their recent show on The Top 25 Decorating Mistakes! Who would have guessed that moi, the person that has received at least 1,000 compliments on my style, arrangements, choice of colors and such that I have Failed Miserably and I am due to be found out, and carted off in the HGTV Paddy Wagon for my blundering mistakes...Who Knew?!?!?! Well, I'm about to shock you, cuz I am NOT all alone in this, and if they ever bring the Paddy Wagon, I will be in good company! Since this started with my all-time favorite blog, The Nesting Place, I will blame The Nester for linking to Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, where she wrote about those Top 25 and I was about in tears, ya know, with all my New Ideas! Anyhoo...I hope Rhoda doesn't mind, but I am using HER list to post with, containing all my blunders revealed ...maybe you'll have some too and we can all go, together, in the HGTV Paddy Wagon. Imagine that! Won't we all have fun, discussing how we all thought we had it together, and yet one show has turned us all on our ears! Funny thing...go look at the HGTV website and look in the sidebars...AFTER you read this post, and see how many of the rules THEY have broken themselves...oh my!
Here we go! The one's in Black....I have not done....
  • Fake flowers and plants
  • Too many pillows, on the bed or sofa
  • Knick-knack overload
  • Fear of color
  • Ignoring windows
  • Pushed back furniture
  • Tacky couch covers
  • Frames too high
  • Improper lighting
  • Floating rugs
  • Too many colors/patterns
  • Furniture that doesn't fit
  • Following fads
  • Everything matches.
  • Lack of traffic flow
  • Uncomfortable diningroom chairs
  • Too formal
  • Keeping something you hate
  • Lopsided furnishings
  • Outdated accessories
  • Themes
  • Undressed cables
  • Ignoring the foyer (What Foyer!!!)
  • Too many family photos
  • Toilet rugs
Now just IMAGINE my horror, after reading this and thinking about my brand new Toilet Rugs, and THEMES???? Oh heck, I am the Queen of Themes! When I don't want to conform to an already established theme, I concoct my own! The HGTV Police are coming for me, I feel it! I also like the way HGTV just Assumes everyone has a Foyer...which on their "snobbier" shows is pronounced "foy-yay"...
As for fads and other things on the list...I agree I may follow some, create some and a lot of times I am very slow to adopt them. Like Spa Blue & Brown....I'm just getting to that one. That was the entire baseline plan of my Newest Theme: Vintage Seaside Cottage Bathroom
That sounded Wonderful till someone (The Nester) ruined it for me by posting that information on how we are all going to be idiots for the rest of our lives if we don't conform to the new rules...but I wonder if she'll let me in her new POOPIE club? Especially when she sees the project below that I did! I had IVY in the photos, so I am sure she will just execute me! LOL! Love ya, Nester! :) It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect To Be Beautiful, right?
I took these pictures, made from calendars, of Williamsburg Virginia sites that I love....oh...and the WHOLE THEME of my house is about HOME, so guess what??? Yep, I have tons of knicky-knacks, pictures, magnets, and what-nots that are ALL ABOUT hate me! But here's what I did. You tell me, was this in bad taste? I did remove the ivy though...I stripped off all the leaves to glue on my FAKE PUMPKINS!!!

By the way....are FAKE CANDLES illegal, Nester??? Hope not, cuz I have a set of them on the table with my FAKE PUNKINS that have FAKE IVY LEAVES!!! LMBO! See???

Here is ANOTHER Theme....It's called LAUNDRY ROOM...hmmmm....I thought that worked! I could be carted off any minute now!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Party Time...someone bring some Tea, ok?

Oh...and before I close this post, hopefully it WILL POST this time, I want to remind everyone, or those that may stumble onto this blog, that the "kids" you see below, are my son, Jason and his fiancee Meghann....They are getting married in October...on a's called that ICONIC or IRONIC?!?!?! Either or....I am getting soooooo excited to have a Daughter In Law!!! I hope she'll like HER Mother In Law better than I like Mine....that's another post....someday!

Till Another Time!