Friday, June 27, 2008

NON-COMPLIANCE...That's me in 2 Words!

I know many have probably been in here and wondering where the heck I am...I'm here!

I may not be of much good to anyone, but here I am, and I have some things to say. I wonder if anyone ever "backdates" and tries to make it look like they are keeping up with their blogs. I also wonder HOW IN THE WORLD these bloggers keep at it, every single day!

I'm the dumb one. I write in a Paper Journal just about every morning...that has been going on for years, but to do this blogging-style, well, it is beyond my brain capacity. I feel if I write in the journal, then come in here and type it all in, then go to my Ebay Groups, I think I would be sounding like a broken record. Feeling like one, anyway!

Now...I find that if I have so much to catch up on, then nobody will come back to my blog, cuz it would take 2 months to read the post that would catch everyone up to the what's and wherealls of my life for the past month...

But I'll try to make it brief... if anyone has any questions, then they can email me, or comment...

1. I found out I have a suspended & expired driver's I'm homebound, and I hate it!!!
My DH hates it, too...he says he would like to just stay home once in awhile...but a few months ago, he was complaining we never go anywhere? I'm confused....are you?
2. My MIL had a heart-attack...she is okay, of course, but a bit of a mess to deal with, and in turn drives all of us nuts.
3. My Son & future DIL are coming back to WV for a visit July 4th weekend! WOO-HOO!!! They're gonna "skoosh" my dog!
4. My kitchen is starting to look up...check back on THAT during a later post....I think I need to run a Poll and get some OTHER's ideas on what I should do with the whole room.
5. Stuff is dying in my flowerboxes...peeves me to no end, cuz now it is too late to find replacements and I really wanted these lush looking window boxes....not this year, I suppose!
6. The heat is here...every other day, it seems. The rain is here, about the same schedule, and every once in a blue moon, I think I need my winter wonder my window boxes are not in a compliant mood.

Well, that is about it for the update.

Now...for the crafty side of me...I have a love/hate relationship with the wreath on my front door. Look why! I love the shape...I love the whole
pocket idea, cuz it allows me to change the look with
the seasons....What I do NOT like, is that it is very,
very, VERY old...from the 80's....uh oh....that means
it's Vintage, right? I wish! Anyhoo...after working for years in a Greenhouse, I learned about Floral Paints and what they can do, and I use it to bring some life back to this poor thing! So there you go!
Another recycled project I do at every change of the

This is the BEFORE picture.

The stuff I used is BELOW and the AFTER picture follows that....