Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh Boy Oh Boy....please stay tuned to this channel!

Okay....I know what you are gonna say, and you are probably right! So I will confirm it right here...I HAVE LOST MY MIND!!!! LOL!

I'm in the process of changing out this Blog, and if you stay tuned in to this channel, I will have a surprise for you soon....I have started another blog, that looks the same but will be dedicated to my crafting....So hang in there with me, while I drink LOTS of hot tea and resort to other devices that allow me to DE-STRESS!!!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! I have no idea what I will be doing today, other than spending it with my hubby...and maybe we will head out of town and go for a long ride somewhere!

Until, then, I wish everyone lots of chocolate, and lots of Love!


Saturday, February 07, 2009

I'm Hating the Bathroom! Don't Hate Me....

Yep! You read that right...I am absolutely hating the new Vintage Sea Cottage Bathroom! Don't even begin to Hate Me yet, cause I may consider a Giveaway with some of that stuff from This Bathroom! You may want to Enter it, if I decide, in this time of one more Week that I can NOT stand it any longer!

Now, I really do NOT want to say "hush-it" to all of you that are going to go nuts on me.
I hear it coming, believe me...and in many forms.

Let me just say, right here and now, ALL of YOU have been in this same place at some time, and when it isn't "right", it just isn't, till you get to correcting it.
I also want to address any of my four followers, or family, that I am NOT rich...and besides that, I buy LOTS of mis-tinted paint in paint stores, and usually custom blend my own colors according to what I have. Although THIS particular paint WAS full priced, again, let me say, I am NOT at all happy with it. I go in there every day, at least 6 times or more, just to flip on the light and mutter...YUCK!

I blame it on THIS lady of Behind My Red Door....Linda's house has caught my eye, and I want it all! She is someone I greatly admire and see so much of what I like in her home. I have even copied a few things that she has done, since it appears that our tastes are so similar! Of course, HER ideas are better, but I still try to find ways to achieve this YOU go look at HER home and you'll see what the obsession is all about....Linda, don't worry, I am completely Harmless, and you will NOT find me drooling on your doorstep. Not anytime, SOON! LOL!

Of course, I am also blaming it on a home tour I took this past winter at a few Prim Chick's homes, which is a local group I belong to. I've completely ignored what I truly liked and went with this crazy notion. I admit it, I had tunnel vision.'s YOUR CHANCE to help me, AND benefit from it...give me your comments...tell me what YOU would have done differently, and PLEASE, do NOT hold back....I need all the help in the world on this matter.

So....tell me...what would YOU do???