Friday, July 03, 2009

Don't Gasp! Yes, it is ME! I AM out here afterall!

Okay, I lied again! I keep saying I am going to be more devoted to this whole blogging thing, and I get caught up in all kinds of Life's I will blame it all on Life. Not to say that the bloggers that are so regularly posting do NOT have a life, because I envy all of those bloggers that I read all the time. A-HA! That is it! I am too busy with Life & Reading Blogs! LOL!

Actually, we have had such a time of it here since the end of March with the MIL problems, and then our own Spring agendas, and we have just returned from North Carolina after visiting the "kids"...a trip that WAS to be taken in April...never happened till now! We soooooo needed to get away, and I am sooooo glad that we finally flew away! So much has happened that I doubt I can find enough words to tell it all, nor do I want to bore you all to tears!

I'll sum it up, once again, in a few letters.... L I F E!

Actually, I have been quite busy in between all the life stuff, with making & creating things to sell at Second Tyme Around. I have bunches more stuff sitting in a box, waiting for their final process, then off to the shop, for their next owner's.

We bought a new car....used car.....whatever! It was a LONG drawn out process with the financing. Don't ever try to buy a car on days that the makers are claiming bankruptcy. It doesn't do any good! I did it....not ONCE, but TWICE! When Chrysler was in Bankruptcy, I was applying for a loan, as well as GM's. One word.... N I G H T M A R E!!!
What have I got to show for all of that? This!!!

Whatcha Think?
This is a 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser Limited Edition w/bells & whistles, buttons & knobbies for all kinds of things...I am not even sure if I know all of their functions yet, but I LOVE the car! With only 47,000 miles on it, this was a great deal, and by the time all was said and done, we got it for even less than we originally agreed to, as we did all the fingerwork on the phones to find the financing we wanted. No gripe to the dealership, as their hands were kinda tied.
Sooooo.....With the new car, we decided to head for North Carolina. We did so many things while there, such as going to the beach for a day, and we enjoyed THAT immensely! We wanted to go back! It has been YEARS since I have been Near or IN the Ocean...and this was wonderful!

Oh how we had so much fun! We did all kinds of things while in I will just post a bunch of pics here and let you see for yourself. Don't forget to click on pics to see them larger!

Here are some Ft. Fisher pics....starting out with our Beautiful DIL, Meghann....should have been a Model!!! Gorgeous Girl!

She married this NUT!!!! Oops, sorry....Our Son!

He may be our son, and a VERY Handsome one at that, but he IS nuts! Always makes us Laugh!

Also....both of them are VERY Photogenic!!! They make a beautiful couple....or am I biased??? Well, you can be the judge of that!

Anyhoo....there's the cutest "kids" in the world, and we REALLY enjoyed all our time with them!

Meghann & I spent a day dashing about, and we ended up at a place called the Scrap Exchange. This place could have anyone's imagination whirling & spinning in so many directions, that you feel as if you may have a blood vessel burst in your head! LOL! Really, there are tons of ideas from just normal scrapped stuff, and you have to check out that link to see what I mean! Great Place in Durham, NC!

We went to eat and also ended up going to The Rusty Bucket in Apex, NC....Great Primitive Store! If ONLY I had an endless bundle of money! I will need to go BACK there, no doubt! I loved seeing it in person, instead of a website!

There was Duke Gardens, Science Museum, & other great places like the Farmers Market that had the BESTEST Bacon I have tasted! We went for more on another day!

We also deprived Children of playtime, cuz the nearly 50ish "kids" had to play, too!

And it appears that Craig, my DH, was "hearted" ....he's also a Nut!!!!

And while we were out having fun, we felt sorry for the Diva Dog....totally deprived from Human Loving, but we made up for it when we were back at the apartments by ooofing and watching the going ons of other people and doggies out cute is this???

She was happy to get back home, we are! Tired, yet ready to plow thru several weeks of working and crafting! So that is it for now!

Glad you came to see me! Hope this makes up for all the lost time!