Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still Cruising w/SeaLegs....on DRY LAND!

Hello! You'll have to forgive this very short post, as I still have Sea Legs while on Dry Land! The house rocks, the ground rocks, and although I am NOT sick, amazingly, I am still trying to get my bearings, even as I have been off our cruise ship for Three days now! Given the fact that we came home in a Nor'easter from about 3PM on Sunday and got whacked all thru the night, I am told this can last several days! Oh My!
Anyhoo....did ya know the ocean is NAVY BLUE??? Take a look for yourself! Don't forget to click to enlarge it!!!

Did you know that a Mother can't stop crying at her son's wedding???'s true!!!

Horrible Picture, but it was my FIRST moment with my Married Son....and the Beautiful Bride??? Oh, how just seeing her made me tear up that I had to take a picture before the ceremony and "run" or I would lose it...

Just look at her...isn't she absolutely beautiful???

And then....the dance...the FIRST DANCE, the two of them....together, forever. Does THIS say how wonderful they felt?

What a SPECIAL TIME for all of us!!!

Well, this is all I can do for now....I'm still swaying, rocking, rolling, moving, tipping & dipping!

Till Another Time!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall-si-fying and other DooZe

As the sun is rising on this wonderful day, I can't help but be excited over our plans for the next few days! I haven't posted in so long, that I am not sure what to say first, but alas, I will try!
I've been quite busy doing so many dumb and out of the house, running here and there, and visiting dear friends.

But here is one thing I have been doing...Decorating for Fall....I've been Fall-si-fying! LOL!

Yep...those are Real Punkins, grown by my Real Man! Aren't they cute?

I finally took the punkins off the armoire and put them on the mantle...added a Fall bouquet to the crock and neglected the dust...Dust is my scratch-filler!

Remember these?

Well, I wanted to make them look like these, or my version of PunkinSticks....

I don't remember WHERE I saw these at....someone Blogged them....I LOVED I was a viper, and stole on the idea and although this is as far as I have gotten, I hope to finish them sometime before Christmas! Whaddya think?

Then I have been throwing some other things together, and found a cute wagon at Second Tyme...see? I have that problem of bringing home MORE stuff than I take there! But who could resist this??? Charlotte....a sweet woman at Second Tyme that decided I can buy it, instead of her. Thanks to Charlotte for THIS treasure below!

So...I also have picked up a fever of re-doing my Dining Room hutch with White Plates...what a difference...still not sure I like it, but I think it may grow on me....

I did this plate with a saying I like....

And this is the opposite side....see that vase with all the raised decoration? That is what has gotten me on this kick....LOVE THE VASE!!!

So, that is all I have for now....I have a ton to do! Can't play anymore!

Till Another Time!