Thursday, March 12, 2009

Running Against Time...Craft Room Update

Okay...I'm making this a bit on the wordless side, again. These are updated pics of the Craft Room I have been trying hard to get organized and ready for some serious crafting!
Take a to before pics of Last Week!


Monday, March 02, 2009

So....Now you'll have an answer!

Hello Everyone! I thought maybe I can't keep everyone in suspense much longer, but I have been quite on the run lately, plus bogged down with all kinds of things.

First, Happy Belated Birthday to ME!!! Yes, I am officially 49 years old, as of February 25th. I didn't mention it, as I had a Family Issue that had my mind in so many places, between worried & wondering...but all seems to be fine now, all in all, it was a huge day for "reflecting" on Family, Friends, and Life in General!

Rob...I love ya! :)

Now...for the other news and the OTHER things going on in my life right now.

How about this??? Would THIS be enough to EXPLAIN my absence???
Can I only HOPE!

I have been asked okay, I actually BEGGED to join this Emporium to sell my crafted items there...Go there by clicking the logo above....and watch for my goodies! The best part is that you will be able to go there, buy anything you see there, plus go to ALL my other spots, although I am in the process of changing my name for my business to Robin's Painted Nest, so if the links pop up and say Robin's Rest, check back to make sure that I have done the updates. blog, Robin's Rest, WILL be here, for you all to enjoy, but I am adding a SECONDARY BLOG, Robin's Painted Nest, where I will be doing the same thing as the SOATP Emporium. I will be listing items for sale there, as well as some more details on my crafting, and divulging ways that I make things....sort of like BEFORE & AFTER pics. I may share some of the techniques & tips on how to do them. Yes, YOU CAN DO IT TOO! keep everyone up to date, here is the link to my Robin's Painted Nest blog, which WILL look just like Robin's Rest....very subtle differences, tho'! No need to worry about Robin's Rest, cuz I am keeping that one, but it will be more of a personal place, and more about me, family, and other things, and a little less about the Business End of things. I want that to be more about ME than the Business make sure you keep in touch with that one, too! I know it is all confusing, but believe me, once it is all set up, you will see what I am trying to do!
All I can ask is for you to bear with me while I am in these immense changes, and I will Thank You NOW for doing that, as I know I will forget to do that later! It's the OLD Age thing, ya know! My mind is slowly going south, along with everything else! LMAO! ( I wish !)

Okay....I have a ton of things to I just wanted to touch base with everyone and forewarn them of my adventures!


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Just so you know...

I AM still out here.....but in the meantime, I have done THIS....can you???

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