Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tagged, Sick & Santas, ThanksGivings....

I KNOW!!! I've been missed!!! Forgive me, but being sick takes time, and takes a LOT out of a poor body, such as mine! Remember, I am one with an Immunity Problem due to the Anemia, so things take much longer, and hit me harder than for most others....sniff, sniff, hack, hack!
Yes...I AM still sick...still on the tail ends of getting to that 100% mark, but I am hoping for MUCH improvement over the next few days!
I have much to be Thankful for....and I will be giving my thanks tomorrow!!!

Other than that, I have had some good moments! I managed to get some more Fall Decor put out, around the house, and came up with this...

My joke has been this: I will finally be DONE decorating by just enough time when my DH, Craig will be dragging all the Christmas Stuff in....Geez! Like I didn't have enough to do, now I have to figure out Christmas Decor! LOL!

I think I know what that Christmas Decor is going to involve...YEP!!! SANTAS!!! Seems I have a new addiction, since Craig and I went to the Kris Kringle craft show in Hagerstown, MD, over the past weekend, and look what we found!!!

The Santa on the left is a Gourd, and it has clay-scultured features, which I thought gave him an OLDE WORLD look, and I love those simple looking Santas...the One on the right of the Gourd is a fence picket, and it also has a sculpted face, but I believe that it is paper mache...but I couldn't resist, and if you could have seen how many times I walked around all these Santas in just THIS one booth, you would've wanted to hurt me! I think Craig was ready to strangle me....he was getting irritable...LOL!
The Santa with lights was really neat, and I passed by this one several times, and kept referring to it as MY SANTA...and on our way back to the front door, I finally stopped and Craig said, you better get it, cuz you keep saying it's yours and we're leaving, and you'll hate yourself for not getting it, this is your last chance, blah, blah, blah....I knew he was right!!! So I picked him up and here he the heck am I gonna put HIM! Oh well, I'll figure that out later!
Last but not least, I picked up some potpourri that was called Colonial Christmas....wonderful Scent!!!

So...I've been TAGGED by Dianne at Plum Purdy Prims ---hmmm....I've seen it elsewhere, and have NO IDEA what to do, so I have to figure it out, but I'm gonna give it a whirl. First I have to list the "rules" and then give a list of UNKNOWN things about me for all my devoted readers to learn about....That's hard!!!
Then I have to PICK PEOPLE to TAG, and that is going to be HARDER!!! Oh My!!! Here goes!

The rules are as follows:

Rule #1 ~ Link to the person that tagged you.
Rule #2 ~ Post the rules on your Blog.
Rule #3 ~ Write 6 random things about yourself.
Rule #4 ~ Tag 6 people at the end of your post.
Rule #5 ~ Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their Blog.
Rule #6 ~ Let the tagger know your entry is up.

Now for the Six random things about myself.....hmmm, well....okay, here goes!

1. I detest make-up! I go thru periods when I will wear it for a few weeks, and then Quit!

2. I hate to wear shoes!!!

3. I hang out in my nightshirts for most of the day, if not all day, simply out of comfort!

4. I don't care for REALLY SWEET stuffs....chocolate does NOT call my name and haunt me,
and I would much rather have a shortbread or butter cookie next to chocolate chip!

5. I don't drink alcohol....okay, I lied....I drank on the Cruise, but if you go back and read that
particular post, you will find out that hubby and I couldn't even THINK when the last time
I had a drink containing alcohol, other than NyQuil...LOL!

6. All my talents are SELF-TAUGHT/LEARNED...from Gardening, Landscaping, Crafting, or
Computer anything...I've learned it all on my own...NO classes! that is a few things you may or may NOT know about me. Now....who do I tag???

Anne of Annie's Country Journal
Lisa of BlackSheepPrims
Robin of The Robin's Nest
Mary of Gettysburg Homestead
Leslie of My Country Home
Janene of Primitive Lifestyle

Till Another Time!


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Enough is Enough, Already!!!

Just a SHORT RANT on health...mine really needs to be updated, like this blog!
I've gotten over the cold, or the better part of it, but now something else has creeped in, and I am about ready to pull my hair just ignore me, and I'll get over it!

I've been watching the skies off and on all day. Seemed at one time snow would be falling any moment! I'm sure my hubby would be thrilled with that about now, cuz he just LOVES the snow, and gets more excited than kids with a day off from school for a Snow Day.

I've been working on a few items and ideas...Christmas is basically here, and I don't know HOW to get something done! Geez! It's a little hard to craft when you have your hands full of tissues and have you tried to draw a line during a hacking-fit? LOL! Got that picture??? Not pretty, is it?
So...I had paint on my fingers. Didn't know it. I rubbed my poor sore dry-skinned nose, wanting relief of it hurting and felt... wetness, and thought, yuck...I snotted on myself....I then wiped my nose with tissue and immediately FREAKED because it had RED all over the tissue! In my attempt to hurriedly get to the bathroom, I got up, tripped over the project, cuz my leg was numb, and I just about decapitated myself on the swing arm lamp.. Then I also knocked a bunch of stuff over, trying to get to the bathroom!!! Can you see THAT, too??? LOL!

Now the bathroom is only about 6 feet from my chair, so how hard can this be, right? Apparently hard....the hem of my nightshirt caught hold of the "posts" sitting at the entrance to the craft room, and although they will be some kind of snowmen/santa somethings, they decided to come with me to the bathroom at that moment!

Finally! I got to the sink, after all that hub-bub, and now the cat has come to see what all the commotion is about, the dog is URFFING at all the noise, and acting like we are being invaded, and I flip the lightswitch on, wondering if I have a ton of blood all over me, and WHALLAH....just a dry-skin nose with a lovely mess of paint all over it!!!

Are you LAUGHING??? I laughed!!! At least it was NOT blood!

At that moment, I gave up....I put the brush in the water, and laid down on the sofa!!!

Now that must have traumatized my mind, somehow, cuz I have this "aversion" to getting near the paint again! As much as I want to do it, I haven't felt like it, yet want to finish these few things and get them listed...uggg!

Might not seem like much to most people with REAL problems! But as my hubby says, I can really be a mess sometimes! ; )

Till Another Time!


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sniffle....Snort......OMG!!! Hating Colds!

Geez! What a title, huh! Well, I can NOT help it, as I have had a bad head cold for the past week and a half....ever since I got off the ship, I felt as if the world was wobbling to and fro, but now I figured it had to do with my getting this head cold, then chest yuck, and now onto the final days of hacking, sniffling & snorting....OMG! Let this be D O N E! Soon. Now. This exact moment! (Twitching nose like Tabitha...) Geez....didn't work...guess I'll just have to let it take it's own course!

Well, our Halloween is getting yuckier every year! We live in a great community, but no one gets into it anymore, and I think it is time to start rethinking this holiday and maybe trying something different, like a block party, or something....if anyone has any ideas about their experiences, let me know....PLEASE!

Other than that, I really haven't had time to compile all my pics from our Cruise, the kids' Wedding, or much to that manner! I have spent a great deal of time running around with tissues and cough medicine, and just trying to get better, so bear with me here, while I get around to real life again! I am sooooo behind on Every Thing ! LOL!

I just asked the "kids" to give me their Santa's Wish Lists....Hope they come up with $1.00 items this year! LOL!
Hope they don't think we are Santa!!!

Oh!!! Meghann just got her hair did! Oh My Goodness, how gorgeous she looks....Here is the Before...(notice, I am sneaking in a pic of the Cruise, from Their pics!) Click on them to enlarge!

And here she is NOW!!!! Isn't this just wonderful?!?!?!!!!

Okay....I am sneaking in TWO more pics from the Cruise...One that ALL of you may keep for prosperity's sake, as it shows ME at a BAR!!!! Geez, that happens about How many Times??? We couldn't even THINK when I had a "drink" last! It's been that many years!!! I couldn't even REMEMBER what my LAST drink was, which Karen would know from Long Island....All I can say is it is Malibu Something...but I drank Strawberry Something instead, and I can't even remember what THAT is!!! I think I had about 5 drinks TOTAL on a 6 day Cruise....LOL! it is.....ENJOY!

Last but NOT least, is this wonderful pic of a Lighthouse at the port of Nassau....and the "kid's" pic was the best! I have about 10 of my own, but their's was the best....ENJOY what we got to see!!! Don't forget to click on will be much prettier!!!

Till Another Time!