Sunday, November 09, 2008

Enough is Enough, Already!!!

Just a SHORT RANT on health...mine really needs to be updated, like this blog!
I've gotten over the cold, or the better part of it, but now something else has creeped in, and I am about ready to pull my hair just ignore me, and I'll get over it!

I've been watching the skies off and on all day. Seemed at one time snow would be falling any moment! I'm sure my hubby would be thrilled with that about now, cuz he just LOVES the snow, and gets more excited than kids with a day off from school for a Snow Day.

I've been working on a few items and ideas...Christmas is basically here, and I don't know HOW to get something done! Geez! It's a little hard to craft when you have your hands full of tissues and have you tried to draw a line during a hacking-fit? LOL! Got that picture??? Not pretty, is it?
So...I had paint on my fingers. Didn't know it. I rubbed my poor sore dry-skinned nose, wanting relief of it hurting and felt... wetness, and thought, yuck...I snotted on myself....I then wiped my nose with tissue and immediately FREAKED because it had RED all over the tissue! In my attempt to hurriedly get to the bathroom, I got up, tripped over the project, cuz my leg was numb, and I just about decapitated myself on the swing arm lamp.. Then I also knocked a bunch of stuff over, trying to get to the bathroom!!! Can you see THAT, too??? LOL!

Now the bathroom is only about 6 feet from my chair, so how hard can this be, right? Apparently hard....the hem of my nightshirt caught hold of the "posts" sitting at the entrance to the craft room, and although they will be some kind of snowmen/santa somethings, they decided to come with me to the bathroom at that moment!

Finally! I got to the sink, after all that hub-bub, and now the cat has come to see what all the commotion is about, the dog is URFFING at all the noise, and acting like we are being invaded, and I flip the lightswitch on, wondering if I have a ton of blood all over me, and WHALLAH....just a dry-skin nose with a lovely mess of paint all over it!!!

Are you LAUGHING??? I laughed!!! At least it was NOT blood!

At that moment, I gave up....I put the brush in the water, and laid down on the sofa!!!

Now that must have traumatized my mind, somehow, cuz I have this "aversion" to getting near the paint again! As much as I want to do it, I haven't felt like it, yet want to finish these few things and get them listed...uggg!

Might not seem like much to most people with REAL problems! But as my hubby says, I can really be a mess sometimes! ; )

Till Another Time!



Jenn said...

Hi Robin!

Thanks for visiting me and leaving me a comment. SO nice to meetcha:)

Gawd - Im feelin ya!! Ive been on the couch since Fri, seriously! I had hubby take the rest of his sick time to stay home because I just can NOT grant every lil wish of my children!

Get youself to the DR, especially if your crud is hanging on. I went Fri and sure enough mine is walking pneumonia. Who woulda thought!??

This is my 2nd bout with it since Sept and this time Im down. They say these "head colds" can turn into pneumonia overnight so I suggest getting a check up!

Dont worry, Im a mess too:)

Imperfect said...

We actually did move the chair right after I took the picture. But I really do appreciate the concern and advice Robin! I should probably move the coffee table that's just to the right of the FP. I didn't think of that! Hope you have a weekend!

Jenn said...

OMG girlie...are we related? Ha!!

Im wondering if it has something to do with this cold/flu, ya know?

Its so hard to just sit back and watch clutter clutter up the house as everyone just walks over OR around it....hmmm, dont worry - mom will get it...eventually:)

I hope this finds you feeling better! Im telling ya, the pain is something else. Just when I was getting over the pneumonia, this kicked in. Its been THREE weeks!!

Have a great week and feel better, like now:)

Dianne-plumpurdyprim said...

Robin--hope you are feeling better-glad I had my pneumonia shot! You need more excitement in you life--so guess what--You're tagged!!
Stop by my blog for details