Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year - New Ways!

So, here we all are for Thanksgiving!!! And the other picture is of me holding our beloved Chihuahua, Pogie, in his very last moments of life!!! Boo Hoo!!! Anyone that knows me, would know that I am just about Hysterical here in this pic! I look like Crap, cuz I had been crying for days and days, as the end was nearing, and still not ready to let him go! But I have to thank Meghann, as it was her desire to take this pic of me and Pogie dog! Thanks Meghann! You have no IDEA how much this pic means to me!

So, Other than that, the year ended very badly for us, as I was so seriously ill, with some kind of Viral Infection that took me thru some of the worse days of my LIFE! I hate saying it, but I TRULY thought this was going to be the END for me! The pain wracked my body, and I can't tell you about the horrible shaking...not your common shaking from having chills, but this resembled more of a seizure type of shaking never known to me, EVER! It started on the evening of December 14th, and lasted clear thru Christmas! It had left me drained and very very tired, but alas, I feel soooooo much better now, and I am trying to get into some kind of routine for my crafting! At the least, I ended up having a good end for my Ebay sales...Everything I listed SOLD! I was quite pleased, but after I got so sick, it was hard to keep up with all the sales and the payments and then the packing and shipping of all of it!
Being a former USPS employee, I can't tell you how disappointed I was to arrange for Carrier Pick-Up, and they NEVER showed up to pick up my 5 shipments!!! I ended up having to take those and my poor sick body-with 101 temperature- to the PO and drop off those boxes so they would SHIP on the proper date!!! Boy was I PEEVED to no END on this endeavor!
Well, I am making a promise to get MORE Blogging done, and then maybe send it to people....I am not sure how to do a LOT of things, but as I go, I learn!
So...stay tuned and see what I can learn! LOL!