Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dollar Tree, GoodWill, Big Lots & Cheap stuffs...

Okay...maybe it is me, or maybe it is just where I live, but today was spent in pensive thought about my latest POOPIE mistakes and trying to rectify the situation. My husband and I took yet another trip to Maryland, and my biggest thing I wanted to do was to hit the Dollar Tree in Hagerstown...since I have seen so many people posting of such wonderful finds they have bought there, I thought I would try, too! Well, I hate to say they lie, but between posts of wonderful things they SAY they find there, and what was there for ME to see, was all too disappointing! Is it just ME? Is it just I have NO LUCK in finding the really neat stuff like everyone else does?

It is the same thing with GoodWill...I rarely find anything like the wonderful goodies I see other people post about! Someone once posted about these pillows that were from Target, and only $4.00 each...they had an ENTIRE bed-ful of beautiful pillows! The things I see at My Local Goodwill has got to be the saddest things I ever saw, and 9 out of 10 times I think should be put on a huge bonfire, along with some other things I can't even Imagine bringing home, or my husband would have my butt in the Looney Bin!

I have found odd ball things at odd ball places, and every once in awhile I find a great thing at a great price, but for the most part I seem to not have the luck that others have, when it comes to stumbling across a great deal!

Big Lots...well, I have about a THOUSAND words for that store, but CHEAP is NOT it! I don't know WHO this Jennifer Farrell is, nor do I care for this line at Big Lots. A few pieces I think I could live with, but everything I have picked up is just not priced for my budget, and for the most part, I think overpriced for Big Lots. I found some great Pumpkins there the other day! They looked like some others that I had bought a few days before at WallyWorld, but guess what? The price was MORE than WallyWorld, and I just couldn't bear to pay that price, so I put them back!

Today, I went to a favorite place of mine, in search of the PERFECT real looking fake plants. I found NOTHING...and this place never disappoints me, but today, I was beyond disappointed! So onward! I will find something, if it is to be found! I know in my storage bins, I have a ton of stuff, leftover from crafts, so I will have to tear it all up and look to see what I can put together, and get on the FASHIONABLE list, once again! I definitely have been taking away some IVY...maybe I should have a giveaway?

Well, I am tired, so I am going to bed, and dream of all those wonderful things that I would like to have in my home...things I love, things that comfort, and things that bring a smile.

Till Another Time!



esteban said...
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Angela said...

I know exactly what you mean about Goodwill! My Goodwill never has good stuff, at least not when I'm there. It hasn't stopped me from going in and checking every so often, but I'm still waiting go find that $3 nearly new lamp from Pottery Barn!
And you are so right about that Jennifer Farrell line at Big Lots! Have they forgotten-they're BIG LOTS, for goodness sake! Stuff isn't supposed to be that expensive!
Oh well, maybe you'll have better luck next time!

KathyEller said...

I just came across your blog today-HELLO.

I have found that you have to be a "regular" at thrift stores, going inonce a week or more makes it easy to spot that one new cool thing before someone else. Both because you are there ofen and get to be first and because you can spot the one new thing. I find amazing things but I also go ALOT.

Big Lots is also hit and miss. I asked about teh prices of the Jennifer Farrell line, they told me that they will keep marking them down. That MIGHT make it OK.

melissa*smith said...

Girl, I am so sorry your Dollar Tree is a bomb! Have you ever asked if they can order in for you? I loved your post though~you are too funny. Big Lots has done nothing for me for the past year~they are all of a sudden way overpriced! You are one talented woman~I was just looking at your items you sell~you are amazing!

deepfriedapplepies said...

Crow searchers UNITE!! I swear, there HAS to be a blog lurker in my community.. I asked at the dollar tree and they said they used to have a bunch of them.. well, I've been in there at least 20 times since I first saw them on blogs, and they were never there! But, I do have a bunch of other crap that I bought while I was there!! Thanks for stopping by!

RoBiN said...

See!!!! I am NOT the ONLY one that can NOT find this GloRiuS stuff at the Dollar Tree Stores!!!

I think we should all get on a bus and SWARM the towns of the Bloggers that manage to find all these things at THEIR lovely stores!

Anger won't do, but geez, I'm feeling left behind here! Anyone wanna chip in on Bus Rental???