Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OMG!!! ---I'm a P.O.O.P.I.E violator!!! Who Knew?!?!?!

Hi Everyone!

Of course I just KNOW that title has gotcha by the woo-woo! But if you have been following my latest posts, it is ALL due to the fact that The Nester at Nesting Place has been talking about the P.O.O.P.I.E. club for about the entire week, and even became her OWN member...BTW, the POOPIE stands for People Opposing Objectionable Pretend Plants In the Environment. I've been waiting for DAYS to see if I would be IN the club and this morning, as I was walking thru my small house that violates every HGTV rule, snapping pics of alllllll my fake plants, I realized I have a small/huge problem...I've acquired WAY TOO MANY Ivy plants!!! Want to know what is worse than THAT??? I must have run into a SALE for Ivy at one time, cuz I noticed I have the same ones, in almost EVERY ROOM!!! Somewhere in there, I think I have just stopped noticing them! So here we go...make sure you notice the REAL Violets with Cat Hair...that I should be taking care of, but they are just too real and require way too many things, as Emily (Nester's sister) ,mentioned in Her post, like water and light.
Watch closely and see if you can spot all the IVY....oh me, oh my....don't hate me!

This one is right above my head...has been there for ...I won't say how long!

This poor hydrangea bush was whacked & hacked for my upcoming HGTV blundered Theme room of Vintage Sea Cottage Bathroom...stay tuned for that in upcoming weeks, cuz I am determined to have that room, cuz the Nester told me that if I like it then so be it!!! And IT will be just THAT!!!

Then I noticed THIS beside it, along with the 4 sample cans of paint that won't work in this room, and I thought,"Okay, but I sprayed this piece with some clear woodtone floral spray to take away the harsh white...Still looks bad!"

Then out to the Living Room/Dining Room, and what do I see??? Tons of horrible Ivy...Tons of the SAME Ivy all over the reproduced...I swear! I don't remember BUYING it in Full Lots, but apparently there had to have been some kind of Sale!!!

And it is EVERYWHERE I Look!!! OMG!!! I am never going to be a member of the POOPIE Club at this point...LOL!

And there are ALL Kinds of FAKE STUFFS around the house, all the way thru the kitchen, the Laundry and so on!!!


Is this an O C D thing, ya think???

How about this?!?!? Does this fall into any brackets of Decorating Faux Pas???
I thought this was a CURRENT TREND!
I could possibly be mistaken! And then I saw THIS....
I hang my head in SHAME!!!
Does the REAL PUMPKIN (hand grown by us!)
TRUMP the horribly fake Ivy?!?!?! I haven't "wood-toned" it yet, but I think I'll have to run right out and do that to give some life!!! LOL!

And above THAT on the top of the hutch....Another crime committed!!!

I say none of this counts....I have explained that I am in a MAJOR redo around here, after being stuck in this house for Three I have noticed quite a few things needing a lift...a MAJOR I have to show you the worst of the worst!!! The top of this Laundry Room Cabinet has NEVER been changed...I have all the excuses, but I will not mention them, cuz I am ashamed that it looks like this...but Hey! I have found MORE things to take to Second Time Around...if it is "worthy" of second life!

Oh....and look at this below...same room, but look at the FAKE pine bough wrapped around the never-used hanger pole...LOL!

Not to mention the last pics....One is the stuff on top of the fridge in the kitchen....but look above THAT...and what do we see?!?!? Yessssss....more freakin' ivy!!! Okay, NESTER, you win!!! There is entirely too much of that crap floating around my house...

And just for the heck of it....I've included this pic of LAST reminds me of what I have to do to get ALL my FAKE pumpkins ready for this year's decorating!!! The Addie cattie just LOVES the fireplace...can ya tell??? Just don't notice that SAME FAKE IVY that is wrapped around those SAME ole candlesticks....but notice the WREATH?!?!? It got BURNED in the fireplace last year, as it was SOOOOO old, it just wasn't any good anymore!

Last but not least....the REAL Violets....ya thought I forgot, huh!!! Well, considering I am a FORMER Greenhouse grower/worker, you would think that I would NEVER treat a plant as horrible as these look! But I assure you, they are still adjusting to their NEW pots and are not too crazy about their new homes, so they are taking a long time to pull themselves together...
they'll be fine!
Notice the GOLD Lotus Pod??? That's REAL!!!!

Those are my crimes...don't hate me, cuz in reality I just LOVE a lot of my ideas...I also have lots more that I have gathered from all those great Bloggers out there!!! Nester, Emily, Rhoda & many, many more!
Have a good day!

Till Another Time!



The Nester said...

lotus pod? is that what that is called?
love the real pumpkin--everything else, I 'm gonna have to bail you out of decorating jail. Good thing you have a fun personality, I'm sure all the other jail birds will love you.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Don't worry, Robin, you and me...we'll enjoy our one hour of supervised visitation together in that jail. The sad thing is is that I had more to post, but just knew it was getting way too long. :)Good thing for unconditional love.

Kimba said...

Your post cracked me up! Thanks for being so real.

And what I wouldn't give for a corkscrew willow with those wonderful twisty branches.

Bella Casa said...

OMG the pic of the cat is priceless, lololololol ;)

Love the white pumpkin and your barn stars :)


RoBiN said...

Nester...You've never known those are LOTUS PODS??? You must have feather brains!!! Ooops, I better be nice, as you are my BAILBONDSLADY, right?
Jen...I laughed hard again at your comment...I had a LOT MORE to post, but I was starting to feel like an IVY I didn't! We're gonna love jail, aren't we? HeHeHe
Kimba...oh my! I am so honored...and I will root one for you..they root so easily!!! Just send me an addy in the Spring!
Bella...Addie Cattie is ALREADY sitting on the hearth in the evenings, giving us "the Look"...the one that says,"HEY! I'm frigid, so Light A Log!"
She is a mess!

I am in some GREAT company here!!! I have got to get back to reading some more stories of my future Cell-Mates!

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog (A View of a Room). I love your idea of using candles in place of the ivy. I never would have thought of that one.

Thank you also for sharing photos of all your "fakes"! Loved how the stars were intermixed throughout.

Shirl @ "Got more time than money" said...

Love your humor!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about my POOPIE post. I've fessed up to another fakery transgression - please come back to look. Yeah, I was holding out on ya. It's worse than you think.

momof4sweetsisters said...

I really like your home grown punkin and the stairs. Loved the fake rust! Superman had to move the arrangement in the fireplace... so there was no bond fire....

Angela said...

Thanks for you comment on my blog!I am lovin' that white pumpkin you grew! And that barn star...I think I'm the only blogger that hasn't jumped on that train. It isn't that I don't want one...I just haven't figured out where to put it.
Do you think they have fake ivy in decorator's prison? Maybe we should make sure to take some with us when they lock us up!

Tina said...

You crack me up!! I think you may need a POOPIE intervention. I say that with love!!

Leila said...

Robin, you are too funny.
Thanks for commenting on my post at Like Mother Like Daughter. You're the only one who said anything about my fake beam! I'm always at a loss for words when someone comes into my (legitimately antique) house and says --oooh, and look at the WONDERFUL beams!! I'm so ashamed :)

melissa*smith said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments. You made my day! You are a girl after my own heart with the stars, the primitive candle light, and the little berries! I love them! Now about the ivy, I cannot WAIT to see what you end up deciding to do with it. I'm having the same dilemna.
Blessings, Melissa

thelaundryisneverfinished said...

So...even though it's fake, you've done a wonderful job with it! Who would want to take care of that much real ivy, huh?
Great blog, by the way. :)

RoBiN said...

All of you have been so GREAT!!! I loved visiting all the blogs and seeing I am NOT the only POOPIE offender out there...and believe me, I think Nester should REDO This Party in a couple of weeks and see what we have done to remedy our situations, or whether we just STAND PROUD of our original submissions!

I can say I gathered MANY ideas from so many of you out there, and can NOT wait to participate in another Party of Nesters...oh heck, maybe, JUST MAYBE, I will have my OWN party!

Conny said...

Hi Robin...
Your visit to my blog confirmed to me that it IS actually "live" and on the web...If anyone else visited, they didn't comment....I just figured I was a sad soul that no one had much to say about! ha! :)
Anyway..........I peeked at your POOPIE (that sounds so weird) and had fun. Despite the much fake ivy, I love love love so many other elements you have - there are a few chests/trunks on a black hutch (?) that I want! :)
Take care! Conny @ The Hutch Haus

Brian and Kirsten said...

Hey Robin,

Thanks for visiting me at B&K and leaving me a note. I was cracking up to read all about your foliage faux pas violations! BTW, I love the idea of a "Redo" party to see how many P.O.O.P.I.E participants actually took steps to make changes. I for one have a big box of getting-ready-to-go-to-Goodwill fake stuff that was tromping around my house (unfortunately, there is still more to add!)