Sunday, September 07, 2008

Second Tyme Around...Ironic & Iconic!

This better work this time, as yesterday's post (the one I intended, not the one that is there now) had completely threw me into a tizzy and I had to leave the room. The House. The planet...well, leaving the house was all I could do as my car is in no shape to fly....yet!

You may notice that I have not posted in quite some time, so yesterday's post was forever long, and I think that is why it just up and left the screen when I hit the 'publish post' button, but it didn't post, and I went Postal... I'm entitled to do that ya know, before you get the wrong picture of me being a lunatic. I used to be a USPS employee. Therefore, I am entitled to go Postal.

Anyhoo...I have been so ever busy these days...I have been working on the Clutterbusting & Redecorating. I've been taking things to Second Tyme Around, a local consignment shop, sometimes making money from the items I have either made, grown tired of, no longer fits my new frame of mind. In my recent 'homebound' situation of sitting in this house for three months with no way of traveling about, I got really antsy about my decorating schemes... I also started reading other people's Blogs about their decorating, yard sale finds, and new ideas and that fired up the burners for making some changes around here, so lately, everything has been scrutinized and thrown in boxes to be dropped off at Goodwill, Dumpster, Second Tyme...or just given away!
There's only ONE problem with this...I bring stuff BACK into the house I am trying to get stuff out of...and even though it is for the new ideas I am trying to implement, they are being stuffed somewhere till I get to them. And then Disaster struck!!! I read a blog, that linked to a blog and I found out that I am the worst decorator that exists, according to HGTV and their recent show on The Top 25 Decorating Mistakes! Who would have guessed that moi, the person that has received at least 1,000 compliments on my style, arrangements, choice of colors and such that I have Failed Miserably and I am due to be found out, and carted off in the HGTV Paddy Wagon for my blundering mistakes...Who Knew?!?!?! Well, I'm about to shock you, cuz I am NOT all alone in this, and if they ever bring the Paddy Wagon, I will be in good company! Since this started with my all-time favorite blog, The Nesting Place, I will blame The Nester for linking to Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, where she wrote about those Top 25 and I was about in tears, ya know, with all my New Ideas! Anyhoo...I hope Rhoda doesn't mind, but I am using HER list to post with, containing all my blunders revealed ...maybe you'll have some too and we can all go, together, in the HGTV Paddy Wagon. Imagine that! Won't we all have fun, discussing how we all thought we had it together, and yet one show has turned us all on our ears! Funny thing...go look at the HGTV website and look in the sidebars...AFTER you read this post, and see how many of the rules THEY have broken themselves...oh my!
Here we go! The one's in Black....I have not done....
  • Fake flowers and plants
  • Too many pillows, on the bed or sofa
  • Knick-knack overload
  • Fear of color
  • Ignoring windows
  • Pushed back furniture
  • Tacky couch covers
  • Frames too high
  • Improper lighting
  • Floating rugs
  • Too many colors/patterns
  • Furniture that doesn't fit
  • Following fads
  • Everything matches.
  • Lack of traffic flow
  • Uncomfortable diningroom chairs
  • Too formal
  • Keeping something you hate
  • Lopsided furnishings
  • Outdated accessories
  • Themes
  • Undressed cables
  • Ignoring the foyer (What Foyer!!!)
  • Too many family photos
  • Toilet rugs
Now just IMAGINE my horror, after reading this and thinking about my brand new Toilet Rugs, and THEMES???? Oh heck, I am the Queen of Themes! When I don't want to conform to an already established theme, I concoct my own! The HGTV Police are coming for me, I feel it! I also like the way HGTV just Assumes everyone has a Foyer...which on their "snobbier" shows is pronounced "foy-yay"...
As for fads and other things on the list...I agree I may follow some, create some and a lot of times I am very slow to adopt them. Like Spa Blue & Brown....I'm just getting to that one. That was the entire baseline plan of my Newest Theme: Vintage Seaside Cottage Bathroom
That sounded Wonderful till someone (The Nester) ruined it for me by posting that information on how we are all going to be idiots for the rest of our lives if we don't conform to the new rules...but I wonder if she'll let me in her new POOPIE club? Especially when she sees the project below that I did! I had IVY in the photos, so I am sure she will just execute me! LOL! Love ya, Nester! :) It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect To Be Beautiful, right?
I took these pictures, made from calendars, of Williamsburg Virginia sites that I love....oh...and the WHOLE THEME of my house is about HOME, so guess what??? Yep, I have tons of knicky-knacks, pictures, magnets, and what-nots that are ALL ABOUT hate me! But here's what I did. You tell me, was this in bad taste? I did remove the ivy though...I stripped off all the leaves to glue on my FAKE PUMPKINS!!!

By the way....are FAKE CANDLES illegal, Nester??? Hope not, cuz I have a set of them on the table with my FAKE PUNKINS that have FAKE IVY LEAVES!!! LMBO! See???

Here is ANOTHER Theme....It's called LAUNDRY ROOM...hmmmm....I thought that worked! I could be carted off any minute now!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Party Time...someone bring some Tea, ok?

Oh...and before I close this post, hopefully it WILL POST this time, I want to remind everyone, or those that may stumble onto this blog, that the "kids" you see below, are my son, Jason and his fiancee Meghann....They are getting married in October...on a's called that ICONIC or IRONIC?!?!?! Either or....I am getting soooooo excited to have a Daughter In Law!!! I hope she'll like HER Mother In Law better than I like Mine....that's another post....someday!

Till Another Time!


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The Nester said...

Robin, you completely crack me up! Even though we haven't met, your personality comes through when you write and how funny are you with your toilet rugs!!!

I have broken half the top 25 do not's as well!

Remember, if you love it--why change it!