Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trashy Tuesdays....It's about Trash & Gargoyles?

Well now...here it is, Tuesday, and it is a trashy day! Picture that statement in your head! I can guarantee you don't have a clear one, or at least the one I am intending!
I seem to be stuck on Trash today....
  1. Creating a ton of it.
  2. Making something FROM it.
  3. Getting Rid of it!
So, #1 means I have found a ton of stuff to throw out, and I am getting it ready to be taken away, which I guess goes with #3. Or depends on how I want to look at it....a different angle would have me outside spraypainting anything that is in my hands (including said hands, usually the left one!).
Pray tell, what am I going to do with colored wooden balls? An Old Cookie Tin?
Rusted Paint Can opener?
Various Lids? Not to mention Three Cuphooks???

Well, the ONLY thing I can honestly give an answer to are the Cuphooks....I spray-painted them to go back on a letter rack that I bought from Goodwill Yesterday. I painted then aged this and now I can't decide on whether to sell it or keep it! Don'tcha just Hate That??? What do You do when it comes time to make that decision?
Well, you lookie and you tell me....keep or Sell?

BTW....I think I mentioned I have a "thing" for Gargoyles....didn't I??? Oh well, if I don't remember, I certainly can't expect anyone else to remember, but Hey! I got this addiction to Gargoyles...not ALL of them, cuz honestly, some of them just aren't that pleasant to look at! I tend to like Amusing ones...I'm off topic here, but back on the track...I mentioned shopping at Marshalls a couple of weeks ago, and found one I liked....so I bought TWO! Heck, Peter Walsh would have me Arrested by Now! He says we Humans can't just be happy with ONE of something, we buy in Multiples! Well, Bite Me Peter Walsh! I want TWO of these and they are for HALLOWEEN, so THERE! And here is One of my New Buddies to Terrorize Tots!

Don't be mad....it isn't MY Fault they get terrified of my house...it really isn't THAT scary!
Anyhoo....I need Ideas for his eyes. Do you see how they were kinda "stained" with some red, but I want them to look "piercing". How do you DO piercing on a heavy concrete/resin/clay figure? I saw some fine glitter in a Neon Green....wondered how THAT would look? Anyone that has an idea to share, now is the time to step up and speak!
Till Another Time!



This Country Girl said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your comments! I do love those curtains and I saw your wallpaper too! I love that pattern with everything I have.in my kitchen! My hubby really didn't want to paint our cabinets and now that I got my new black knobs and countertops, I love the cabinetry with it!

If you're painting your cabinets, I have always loved red ones! I guess it depends on your wall color! If it would go with your wall color in there, that's my vote!

Have a great Weds!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I love your thrift finds..the shelf is cute...I adore thrifting and crafting and decorating as well. cherry