Friday, September 19, 2008

Let us just Forget Friday!

Fridays...I'm sure many people are quite fond of this day, as it conjures up many thoughts, in many minds. Payday. Week-end & Weekend. Vacation. You get the picture...My thoughts for Fridays are hurry, rush, get stuff done, and Don't Go Out There! This town has gotten so crowded with people that going ANYWHERE on Friday is just a dreadful thought! Yuck!

But I gotta go Downtown, of all places, to another appointment with Second Tyme Around...I will TRY to remember to take my camera with me ( and use it!) so everyone can see why I think this is a great place! So far, I have two boxes with some stuffs in it...not filled yet, but I am working on it...slowly!

Doesn't look like much, does it? Well, I have a condition....Separation Anxiety! We all have it. I can't bear to get rid of some things, although I have to rationalize that I am NOT using it, have NOT decided what to do with it, or NOT working in the manner I had originally pictured it. So that is my analytical way to just throw it all in a box! The best part is making a few dollars on the flipside of it, and we ALL KNOW that a few extra dollars is something we all can use!

Projects....oh, there are too many! Too many going, and not enough DONE!
Check this dumb thing I made....for Halloween? I guess it will go next to my Gargoyles!?

It's dumb. I was still reeling from my induced paranoia from The Nester and her posts about Fake/Faux Ivy, that I found these absolutely pathetic dried Statice and decided, what the heck, spraypaint it Black and Orange...and then I had the bag, actually several of them, and I made up the label one morning, and WhallaH! I ended up with THIS pathetic thing....I think I'll throw it in the "box" for Second Tyme....there is a "need" for Halloween/Fall decor, and you can have this to burn in the Fireplace! Perfect Firestarter! Recycled Decor to Firestarters? Is THIS where my Talents have left me??? Oh, how sad!

Well, if that isn't BAD enough, look at these!!!

Pray Tell! What the HECK is this going to be!?!? I have NO CLUE! I am telling you, my mind goes, but the outcome is a total WRECK! But I am going to hold onto these, as they are talking to me...and those teeny Acorns??? Are they just NOT soooo darned cute? Craig got these for me the other day and brought them home for WHAT in the world am I to do with these? Any help here will be sooooo gratefully accepted! No puns, please, as I am NOT nuts, but I do HAVE NUTS! Oh geez...I better quit while I am ahead, right?!?!

I also have THESE for a Project I saw on another blog, somewhere....I don't know if I can find it, but oh well...I will TRY to get to this sometime this week, but here is the sneak-peak, and maybe some of YOU can tell me where I am going with this one?

Well, onto other things...I am enjoying the process of changing over to FALL inside the house, and OUTSIDE is starting to reflect the change, also. No turning of leaves, or anything drastic, other than the weather changing to much cooler temps! Hey! Great SprayPainting weather!
But it is a bit on the sad side when certain plants start blooming, as it is the TellTale sign that Summer has come it's end....bringing with it the last of the brightest blooms to be had!

So those beauties above has inspired me to start doing THIS ...

Notice the IVY is missing???? Yep....all due to the Nester....I threw them all in one HUGE basket....hmmmm....that can look really good somewhere!

And then THIS is my husband's new Punkin Keep....LOL! I don't know WHY he BELIEVES they are "better" up there, cuz the Heat near that ceiling is atrocious, and it WILL do those poor babies in....and just IMAGINE that, while he watches his Weather Channel??? Goopy, Gooey, Yuck!

Well, that's it for now...hopefully, I can get those pics later, and I'll post some updates soon!

Till Another Time!



Angela said...

Okay, that's it...I'm getting myself some of those white pumpkins! They're turning up everywhere! I wonder what the chances are of finding actual white pumpkins, you know, the ones that aren't really orange-painted-white ones? Guess I should plan on buying some white paint and a brush too, huh?
By the way, your mums are beautiful!

kristi_temple said...

You are right! Your fireplace looks just like mine except the stone is different. Ours is a rectangular stacked stone but the mantle is almost identical. I will be painting all my faux wood trim bright white soon.

Joy said...

I bet those white pumpkins will be saying BOO soon.
You are very creative! I enjoyed looking at all of the wonderful things that you've painted, especially posts/balusters.

Blissful Nikki said...

I have some of these little white pumpkins...still deciding what to do with them! :) hehe

and I dont go anywhere on friday's either! WAY to crowded everywhere you go!