Sunday, September 28, 2008

Second Tyme Around for the Third Time!!!

Hello....Yes, I am STILL out here in the world...don't ask.

As you know, quite a few days ago, I was headed off to Second Tyme Around and that was a success...twice! I took many things, and found to have a nice "balance" of money that I plan on using for our upcoming cruise in October! WooHoo!!! Can't believe it is only a matter of weeks away!

Well, I have some pictures for you from Second Tyme Around, and although Cindy wouldn't let me take HER picture to show you this Goddess of Goodies/Owner/Wonderful Person, I did take a few shots of the shop. Now, remember...this is ONLY three rooms, but takes a LONG time to see all the goodies, as they are everywhere, and once you believe you have seen it all, you are soooooo wrong, and need to start over. My ritual is to go around each room at least three times, then reverse direction and go three more! First round is what I can see at eye level, and the second time is below eye level, and third time is above eye level...and would you believe that I still miss stuff?!?!?! Goodness!

Well, here we go...This first picture doesn't even REFLECT what I get to see when I usually go for the fun...not as an appointment, cuz by the time I get there, the outside has tons of goodies that just promote excitement as to all the other goodies behind those windows, behind all that brick...take a breath, we're going in!

Now once you get inside, there are ONLY three rooms to wander around. But for now, this is all I need! Here is one of my favorite rooms...the "kitchen", which if you notice, look at the old stove in the corner! that NOT something?

Next are two pics from the HUGE back room...there is SOOOOO much to see back here, that I spend a LOT of time in this room alone!

Yep, this is definitely a "junkie's" place to get "high"...LOL!
Shades...Books...Plates of every imaginable kind, and not to mention toys and other goodies, old or new, reproductions and LOTS of antiques and originals!!!

Well, that's it for Second Tyme, at least for THIS post! I brought home some goodies from there, too...someday I will get used to having a third arm and a third brain cell to remember to take a camera, take pictures all day, every day and for everything I do ...I just can't get that part down!

As for the Pixie Dog...poor thing developed a "spot" where her fur just is...GONE! So off to the Vet's and she gave us some spray to put on it after we determined it isn't Ringworm, or Mange...and then the OMG moment of knowing she just HAS to HAVE this Rabies shot we've put off waiting for the "bad" leg to get better, and with that NOT happening, I decided she really needs to have this shot, and I honestly believed they would give it to her in her "bad" leg, and they didn't....oh she has been hobbling about like a poor broken dog....poor thing! LOL!

Well, this is it for now...I have been so busy lately, just trying to get some more dumb projects done, so later I will have to take some AFTER pics so I can share...would be better to have BEFORE pics to see the differences, but as stated before, I just don't seem to have that part of my brain trained yet!

Till Another Time!



the undomesticated wife said...

That looks like such a fun shop!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Robin,
That looks like my kind of shop!

thanks for adding me to your links...I'll add you too!

Glad you came by today, please visit again.

I'm doing a post tomorrow on a thrift shop find.

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