Thursday, May 15, 2008

Have you SEEN this person??? M I A!!! I have been Missing In Action, but NOT out of commission! I haven't really had the time, or the energy to get in here and sit long enough to have two thoughts on what to write. I reviewed my past blog posts, and decided, what the heck, just update the old stuff....right???

Well, it has been a hectic few weeks here. Between being down with that Viral Infection, then getting a Real Cold the same week, and just fighting the weather, the blahs, the blues & various other things, I am truly exhausted!

Where I live, we "rent" the land that our home is sitting on...common for mobile home owners residing in a park. Not to mention that OUR park is absolutely the TOPS as far as the overall appearance, the wonderful neighbors, and so on....but it DOES have drawbacks...such as the demands that the Owners have exerted on all of us in the past....and as of late. Sometimes they are justified problems, and other times, you just Have to Wonder!
Let me just state this up front...I do NOT drive a Mercedes, much less a Late Model Mercedes SUV...and considering the Rent here, on an average is about 300.00 per month, and there are 63 homes here...well, do the math...that is JUST this park...They OWN do some MORE math!!! Let me make it easier...They have UPWARDS of 60,000. 00 coming into their pockets EVERY MONTH...and I still have NOT included the HOME SALES division, which these days, one seldom sees a home sell less than 50,000. why are they SO concerned if I have just a FEW weeds in my flower bed, after 3 days of rain?!?!?! That's what I can't figure out. Given my pictures of previous weeks, I think we can all agree, that this is one fabulous lot, and this past week, my fabulously hurting body is telling me that I don't EVER want to hear NOTHING about my yard, ever, ever, ever AGAIN! But here are some Before & After pics to prove my point, and hopefully, as time goes by, I will put updated posts and let you see for yourself how lovely we make our home...
So here goes...and do not forget to click on the pics to see the larger versions/details!

This is the FRONT back in April...
Growing...slowly, but hey, it hasn't received it's manicure, yet!

Here we are just these past few days, and wow....just look at the difference!

Things are smelling wonderful around here!

And there are "things" in those window boxes now, and the peonies have started to bloom under the windows.

Some of the yard decorations have been gotten rid of, moved around, refined...pretty neat, if you ask me!

This particular bed is a hard one...lots of shade, but the color of the tree and the path are the biggest focal points to look at....needed some mulch, and just a general spiffing up!
Added some flowers here, but that is yet to be seen!

But there is a LOT of work still to be done, and the AFTER pic is just ONE of many that show the huge difference.

I didn't really want to replace the stones under the tree, but it seems our Pixie dog loves to run over them when she is in her WILD mode of running around the yard...she shoots up thru there as if shot from a cannon!

So, I just rearranged them a bit more and put them at better angles!
Now if ONLY she would stop eating my purple violas! Indeed, they smell soooooo wonderful! I don't blame her!

These are my "shady side" plants.
There are Hostas and of course I have to have my New Jersey roots here in West Virginia, so those beautiful bright pink Azaleas are actually named New Jersey!

How do you LIKE that color???

Is it not just so N E O N?!?!

Love it!

Here we are...New Jersey....
Up Close & Personal!!!

Remember that Redbud???

Welllllll....It is now just a simple tree of Green!

Gorgeous heart-shaped leaves...
This bed needs some color to it, and I have some Petunias I want to plant here....later!

While I was resting from all my hard work, I looked up thru the Corkscrew Willow....what a sight!

Here is one scroungy, dirty, dry-skinned hand....MINE of course!

Can you tell I just Despise working with gloves??? Can't stand them, never it gardening, stripping furniture, staining, painting, what-have-you!!!

I have to "touch" everything!

But THIS is just ONE problem with that sensory hang-up I have!

Now for some fun.....How bout that Pixie pup??? Wondering about her??? Well, here she is...looking just as cute as ever...Check out her "spots" on her belly....I think she is a mini brother would be sooooooo proud!!! Given he was a Fireman, I do believe this would be the best dog for the best seat on the best Engine!!!

What a FACE!!!

What a Belly!!!!

She didn't have ANY spots on her belly when we got her....hmmmm!

Once again....observing all this world & the daily grind of people watching, car looking, sound making things that have mesmerized her in her short life!!!

Last, but not Bestest Friend , Steph! She will probably HATE me for posting her pic! She claims she doesn't do well as the subject, and given her life as a wonderful photographer, she may THINK she is not a good subject. I disagree!!!
Given the past year of her life and all she has been thru, I am PROUD to see that gorgeous HEALTHY face of my most dearest friend in the world!

Love ya, Steph!!!
You go, girl!!! this is it for now....I will try to do better with the timing...I am sure that SOMEONE is reading my Blog, cuz the numbers tell me that, but not sure if they will ever come back....I'm appearing to be a boring person!!!

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