Monday, May 19, 2008

A bit colder and a bit tired...

Oh!!! How cold it is here today!!! I did NOT expect this to be such a cold day! We forget how cold 60-something temps can be once we hit those 80's, don't we?

Well, I have some nice pics today of the peonies in oh my, are they just gorgeous this year!

Are those not just Beautiful???!!! I have to cut some more today, for a dear friend, Mary...
She had a "sampling" the other night, when I only had about four open ones to cut, and so I shared them with her so that she may have some brightness in her life! Her DH said she would be so pleased, and yes, she was!

Here is the Lavender, that I thought I would lose this year...I cut it back HARD, and tho' it started to grow again, I whacked it hard again! But it looks like it may have some Love for me still!

And the Lamb's Ear is even looking great! So many things got neglected last year, with my illness not allowing me to get out there and tend to many strength. But body is paying for it THIS year, and there had Better be the rosebush knows! It was threatened with annihilation if it acted up this year, and so far, it is doing great, and has two take a lookey....

So ...that is the results of some hard work and then some hard labor, and lots of TLC!

Now what about that pupper??? Well, Miss Pixie is a mess....never wants to get out of here are some cute pics of that goober!


Other than that...DH has worked on the rails to our front deck....feels a LOT safer now...and if we can ever get a few days together, all in a row, of nice weather, I can go out there and get this stained and pretty!!! Oh!!! I can't will match the house...

I think we are making a come-back!!! Yippee!!!!

We are talking about visiting our son in North Carolina...and all at the same time, planning on the upcoming cruise for their wedding...a vacation in lands unknown...oh my!
We have some plans for this and plans for that, and time is creeping up on us...but we're old, so this is the same ol' same ol'!

That's it for let's hear from you!

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