Friday, May 02, 2008

Checking Later??? Try Even LATER!!!

So...I mentioned how much I hate Hospitals, Doctors, etc...from previous posts...But MayBe what I Should have said was I HATE being Sick!!! So here we are....S I C K!!!
DH came home early from work the other day...said he felt like Crap. Next day...DH needs to see a doctor. Not ONLY for the "illness" he is currently suffering, but we need his BP meds refilled, and that "scrip" is expired, according to our loving Pharmacist....We don't Breathe, without Tony...and needless to say that when he says we Need something, we Need it...And so started our day of Hell and Hell Raising...we live in WV...DH works in MD....we would LIKE to have doctors HERE in WV, but guess what...that is Out Of Network, more money, less doctors, deductibles & scales and yada, yada, yada...What a friggin' nightmare trying to figure out WHO needs to go where and only to be pronounced "ill" that doesn't cost a day of traveling and waiting and a pocketful of change that everyone is short on right now!!!
Well, that is HOW we spent our entire day yesterday...and we are OFFICIALLY pronounced Sick & Sicker....DH is only Sick....MYselF??? S I C K E R!!!!
Somewhere between the doctor we Can't have in WV and ANY DOCTOR in Maryland, I started feeling "bad" again....back of nose raw...snotty, feverish, and so on....well, yes!!! Of course!!! Robin is SICKER now...and I am tired...DH is tired...the PUPPER is NOT TIRED!!!!
Of course she is Mad that she spent nearly 4 hours in her crate and was just MENTAL once we returned home, but she is worked up and Ready to Run!!!
We, on the other hand, are just trying to muddle thru...DH is sooooo behind in what HE needs to get done...I am trying to run around and stick little stickers on ANYTHING that is NOT appealing to my senses, for tomorrow's Yard Sale, and that makes it seem as if anything qualifies...I don't feel like washing much can I get for dirty dishes? Trash needs to be taken out, how much? Bills need paying, can I put a FREE sticker on those and just lay them on the table next to some magazines? Hmmmmm....DH just left....if I lay-in-wait at the front door....what price could I get for him??? Nope...priceless at this time... The Pupper??? Addie, bat cattie!!! FISH!!!! Water comes with them FREE!!! I need more drugs...DH needs more drugs...can we give Drugs to Pupper??? Addie? LOL!
Anyhoo...just thought I would pick up where I left off last....The Yard Sale is tomorrow....can anyone help??? Don't blame ya....I wouldn't want to help either!
So....Check in Later....maybe the news will be Wonderful!!!
Till Another Time!

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The Nester said...


Well, I had never thought of selling my actual bills, what a novel idea! I hope you made some good $$ on your sale.