Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So...How Am I doing??? Check Later!!!

I thought I would drop in here really quick, and make some kind of mention of the Blog, and how it's looking, and wondering how many have looked at it, or actually read it, besides my dear son...he emailed me and told me he liked it, and it gave him a more personal look inside the days of his mom....uhhhhh....did we not grow up together all these years??? LOL!
Believe me, I understand it, but at first reading of that email, I wondered if we were estranged over his lifetime, and it occured to me that he's 30 now...and he may NOT be as "in touch" with me & my doings.
This WAS the main reason I sent everyone the link to the they can keep in touch with me, when they can't keep in touch with me...LOL!! This is kind of like opening my Journal everyday and then letting everyone I know read it....I don't think so!!! There are things in my HandWritten Journal that shouldn't be made public!

Anyhoo...I finally listed my FIRST item on Etsy...another website for selling Handcrafted Items. After the last changes of Ebay, a TON of Crafters have left and even entire Ebay Groups have gone "off-Ebay" and have started their own thing! I don't blame them...I don't quite understand HOW they are doing it, and I am inquiring about it thru different sellers to see what the "norm" is appearing to be these days, as far as WHERE all the Sellers are going that is the most popular? How did they come to find the time to get everyone up and going in their websites, etc.
No answers yet...
I do hope this is NOT because of competition, cuz the way I look at it, we are all crafters trying to have a "place" to sell our goods and there is a common bond out there.
Well, the ONE thing I noticed is how almost Everyone that has taken other routes have also started blogging...
Entire Ebay Groups have moved to Etsy with either the SAME NAMES or VERY SIMILAR names...Lots of sellers in these groups are even joining other Etsy groups.

So...for those of you that may ask if I have any stuff on Ebay, well, that is iffy and ya best check Etsy, too! There is also a Protest for May on Ebay and their New Policies and Fees that I found a Lot of people were going to try and participate in...I am going to check into there and just look and see what is listed and when the listings end...then Thursday should bring a different answer.
I am also looking into other markets for the selling. All kinds of information is being posted and I am finding days can leap into days and days of reading and learning.... A G A I N!!!
Just when I got REALLY good with Ebay, now we are doing the ETSY thing...LOL!

On further note...I have NOT been out gardening...not to say I didn't go around yesterday with BestestFriendSteph and take a lookie at all the stuff that has come up and stuffs that are getting ready to bloom, like my beautiful Azaleas that just so happen to have the name New Jersey....Yep! Parts of my life are all around this house, in and out...gathered around a comforter!
I asked DH for the Garden Fork the other day....seems we no longer have one, or he can't find it...So guess what....WallyWorld, here we come again...we need to get a garden fork so I can dig up this stuff and move it around, divide it up, and so on!!!

Okay...I have a ton of stuff to do in this house today, so I gotta cut this short!

Till Another Time!

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