Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trying My Nerves Tuesdays!!!

Well, here I am....on a Tuesday...my nerves being tried to the enth degree by a little furball named Pixie...you may remember that little bundle of cuteness from wa-a-ay-y-y back in April? I had just brought her home and was enjoying Puppydom, and then she started knawing on me and so on? Well, now that little bundle of fur is about 7 pounds and although she only has ONE tooth left that needs to disappear, it is also the same one that slices me open every single time I play with her....I'm tired of said tooth...it's got to GO! LOL!
Anyhoo...here is Ms. Cuteness...aka Pixie. Does this NOT look so serene...??? WELLLLL....she doesn't stay this way....Keep looking!

Here she is being a "grazing" cow...eating everything on the ground!
And then you see, below, what happens when she doesn't listen to her Mommy (me).

Yep! Grounded to the Table Top...or sometimes to the giant Playpen we humans call a deck! I have it set up with a "gate" made from the siderail of a crib, and when she is reallllllly bad and not staying in the yard, or other nonsense stuff she dies, she gets put in the playpen, where she SNARKS at me! I tell her, "You're the one that won't listen!"
Needless to say....I have not a LOT to say for today....but will try harder in the next few days...

Till Another Time!


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PlumPurdyPrimitives by Eagle Emporium said...

Robin-she is adorable!! I can't believe how much she's grown since you brought her home.
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