Sunday, July 27, 2008

On The Road Again....and Back!

Hello! Yes...I've been On the Road...Yard Sales, Sightseeing, and what-have-you! I think I have hit at LEAST 20 yard sales, and of course I came home with SOME goodies...either to use, repurpose, or just selfish wanting! I also managed to find some crafting items and there are some things I didn't put in the picture cuz they just didn't want to be photographed with their plastic robes on them...hehehe, I plan on staying home....darn. But I have neglected some of my duties, not to mention left off on some heavy projects...
I need to get back to those! P R O N T O!

I have seen in some other Blogs that people drive around and take pictures of their neighborhoods, calling those posts "drive-bys"...I like that idea, and just MAY start doing that myself. I am finally remembering to take the camera with me everywhere...except yard sale'g, as I don't like leaving the camera in the hot car...and it sure was hot these past few days!
Look for some upcoming posts on DriveBys....and you can get a look at my own world, thru my own eyes!
For now...this is a trip to Mercersburg, PA that we took recently...not my own town, but one of those that make you go oooooooh! when you are passing thru...start ooooooo'g and ahhhhh'g.

There are Beautifully carved details all throughout this them all!
And looking between some buildings can reveal Secret Places that make you yearn to know what is back there! I first saw this gate and thought Oh My! But when I was focusing the camera to get the gold finish to not glare out the pic, look what I saw!!! Yep...two stone lovelies on a bench at the back of the alley....The gate no longer mattered, so I had to have This shot!

Down the street, just a bit was this wonderful stone stone houses and buildings...I marvel at the strength it would take to build one of these!

This home is magnificent! It's a true Mansion, and it as you see, it sits at a major intersection...
But isn't that the way it SHOULD be....a Magnificent home in a prominent place, to be admired?

And what a place to enjoy the Magnificent home....on your own garden bench looking at a wonderful fountain....not to mention this home has like 5 huge "tea porches" are an obsession with me! I love a nice home with a nice Tea Porch....LOL!

That concludes my tour for the moment! Relax, enjoy, and I will see what else I can dig up...

Till Another Time!



PlumPurdyPrimitives by Eagle Emporium said...

Robin, I really enjoyed the tour! Wish I had such a charming home town. I had to laugh--no, you aren't just talking to yourself!

RoBiN's ReST said...

Thanks Dianne...
Althought that was NOT my hometown, was a Day Trip we took to Mercersburg PA...just outside of Hagerstown MD and Greencastle PA....great towns up that way!!! I just happened to say, let's get OUT and walk and talk to we did...and that is only a FEW of the pics I took!