Saturday, January 31, 2009

From Snowmen to Seashells...WHAT A TRIP!!!

Oh! Can you believe this? I am going to make another post, in the same week and most likely way long before many of you have even gotten thru my last one. I do apologize for that, and honestly, I am trying to do better, so today's topic involves my Snowman Bathroom. Those of you that have seen my home, will probably be sad to see it go, and if you feel you have to grieve, please, come to my house and you and hubby can huddle together in grief...he misses it, but I tell ya, I am sooooo glad that this redo is OVER!

Another ordeal, and glad that I did NOT get to start it before the Christmas Clan of January 16th....due to that Furnace Ordeal...or I'd be in that Calgon Bath, still!

When I did this bathroom in Snowmen, I had created my own unique "trend". But after several years of this Snowman Darkness, I decided Spa Blue was for me, and I was concentrating on a brand NEW unique trend....Vintage Sea Cottage Bath. have read that correctly. Of course, after I had already bought Every last item to be used in this Dandy-Brand New Vintage Cottage Bathroom, I read on Nester's Blog that HGTV had pointed out TRENDS were Out....Huh? Since WHEN? Along with Toilet Rugs and apparently I was a little slow adapting to that whole Spa Blue look, and that seemed to be on it's way out, as well! Well, according to HGTV, I was no longer the Decorating Diva I thought and truly believed I was! Just short of the Pearl Necklace I was wanting to wear with my holey nightshirts, I was beginning to think I was June Cleaver....Not Martha, cuz I am NOT neurotic, but June? I could be her, I think.
I wasn't giving up....I was set on setting another trend, by darned, and I was going to have that Vintage Sea Cottage Bath! And I have it, I think! Well, take a look for yourself! What Say You!

Be sure to click on Pic to see Larger Pics....

BEFORE: Dark Snowman Bathroom

It isn't much to see at this point, as I had already started to remove some Snowman items from here to make way for the new changes....After all, we are definitely WARMING things up in here! Get it? Snowmen to Seashells???? Okay....hope you're laughing as hard as I am...I thought it was funny! hehehehehe is the NEW Vintage Sea Cottage Bath, with all the DH says!

These bottles in this little cubby were my Mom's...

Yes, I made the little cottage sign...

This piece of art is filled with favorites.

These items are on the top of the Medicine Cabinet....neat, huh?

Well, that is all I will bore you with for today....I am sure that many of you will wonder if they should go back and finish reading the other post...but go, and have a good hearty laugh! I have already heard that although long, it was funny to read!



Janene said...

I love the seaside bath!
Very relaxing!
I can definately hear the ocean!

Annie said...

Hi Robin...forget what DH thinks...LOVE the foo-foo! Nice and airy. Do we have another Candice Olson in the making?!? LOL Such a "Divine Design" you have there!

Linda said...

That looks like the bath my mom had when they lived on Cape Cod by the ocean. Very serene and tranquil!

Leslie said...

I upload photos the same way. Blogger uses Picasa, though. You actually have a web album through them, that's where you photos are stored that you upload to blogger.

I use Picasa 3, a free downloadable program to import the photos from my camera to my computer. Then I am able to edit them so I have pretty pictures and not ones that are too dark, crooked and what not. I can actually upload the photos from Picasa on my computer to my blog but I haven't really messed with it. That's something I have wanted to play with but haven't, it's just been easier to do it the way I'm used to! LOL I go to my Picasa Web Album to delete extra photos that I decided not to use though, to keep it cleaned up.

I use the html tab to place photos. It just works better that way for me. I did the drag and drop/copy and paste stuff in the beginning and things did not look the way I wanted when I published my posts. I started doing this and they do. Maybe its my template?

Now I'm so used to composing in the html tab that I just do it out of habit. I have learned a lot about html codes from doing that and have been able to mess and change all sorts of stuff so it's been great in that aspect. I don't want to be afraid of html coding!

I just shared what I do because some people said that they were getting extra photos but were afraid to delete them because they had in the past and lost a lot more than they wanted to. I thought this tip may help them, too. Not everyone learns/works in the same way.

The pop-up issue seemed to only happen for a handful of people. Most from what I've been told were using IE. I never saw the pop-up in question. Neither did most others that I've talked to. There was no reason for it to have shown up either. I use the same things that others use on their blogs with no issues. I wonder if the problem was caused by somewhere else ...where people came from?...and not from me because even those that saw it said that it wasn't all of the time, very sporadic.

Old Dame Penniwig seems to be up on computer stuff and she said that she's seen the pop-up in question on other Prim blogs, but never mine. She said that what she found in common with those sites were that they belonged to a webring or "top site" for some Prim place. She thinks someone hacked that server and then everyone else was getting it because they were linked to that site. Not the case with me, though.

Anyhow, that's all I know....