Monday, April 14, 2008

Need More Time!!!

So, I heard from someone that was disappointed that I had NOT updated my Blog, so here I am...for the time being, with scattered things on my mind, and a plate full of "to-do's" that I refer to as the DOOZE LIST, here at home!
So much has happened in the past weeks since I wrote that I would keep up...I don't know where to start!
Well, I can start with the NEW ADDITION to our family...Pixie...our new baby Chihuahua!

Isn't she the cutest thing to see? I saw her, she saw me, and although my heart still aches for our Pogie, this little booger just stole the piece of my heart that is NOT entirely broken, yet!

I went for Guppies, and look what I got! A Puppy!!! How does one GO from Guppies to Puppies? I am not sure!

In the past weeks, I have gotten a whole Menagerie of "friends" in the house to keep me company, and fill up my days with more things to do, as if I didn't have enough to do before all of these additions! I have a new Betta, named Merlin II. We call him Merlin. Look at these colors! What a sight to see!

And to add to THAT, we now own 5 Neon Tetras...Which I have yet to figure out if Merlin and the Tetra Families can co-exist in the same tank with each other, or will they just pluck each other's fins off and I'll have Weeble-Wobble fish!
Oh...can you just picture that!
Let's not for the time being...
Let us just enjoy the menagerie that I have made our poor cat, Addie, just suffer with! Just when she was getting ALL the attention, here comes the competition! She is managing to let them all live, so I am not going to put any further discussion on this one...again, for the time being! any of you know how hard it is to take pictures of A FISH, much less FIVE of them at once, in one spot, in one tank, for just ONE picture!!! Geez...I just deleted about 20 pics, cuz they would disappear as soon as I would click that button...Camera Shy Fish???? I should think not! are the Tetras....they have little
"headlights" when you look at them from head-on and I think it is just so neat to watch them in the morning...they really show up great sitting in my black-painted hutch!
I would love to get this huge "shelf" style aquarium, but it has been years since I have engaged in this whole fish thing, and I would love to get back into it, but I have so many other things I am involving myself in...

Well, here is my Addie kitty....
does she not look a bit peeved as if
to say, "What are you Doing, Crazy woman????".
What a Charmer of an expression!

Okay...enough of the updates on the pets...

We have been busy getting our yard cleaned up for Spring....I didn't get a THING done to it last year due to the Anemia thing...I was lucky to have strength to go out there and just clip a few flowers to bring inside...very little done, in two years time, and the flower beds and such proved it to us when we got out there a couple of weekends ago! We raked, pulled weeds, and tried to figure out what needed to be done in subsequent weeks. We bought 20 bags of mulch and so far have spread ALL but two of them...And things are now starting to look great! I hope that I can maintain them this year, and have already started changing things around a bit. Lots of plans, and lots of changes to come this year...not to mention lots of dividing and moving of some perennials that have needed a good thinning out!

Our Purple Leaf Plum was gorgeous for Two Days...and we were disappointed in not having more time to enjoy it...we got some heavy rain and that caused the leaves to pop on the branches, thereby eliminating most the bloom...but here it is in it's glory!

You really can't beat the smell of this tree, had it been warm enough to enjoy this year! Last year we got a heavy frost/freeze, so we didn't really get to see very many blooms on the tree at all!

I am anticipating in about a week or so, we should have a beautiful Purple leafed tree...more a deep burgundy, but hey, I love Purple and that is what it is called...what an accent to the yard...and the bed underneath has been newly planted with some pink phlox, and wonderfully scented Violas, and the existing Hyacinths & Crocus are still well as a clump of CatNip that I pinch off and give to Addie...I think that is why she is just so cooooooooool. She's High on Cat Nip!!! LOL!

This guy has been laughing at me everytime I go outside to "work" the yard a bit...

I bought this little guy years ago, cuz he made me giggle when I looked at him in the garden...but now I think he is having a heck of a laugh with me moaning & groaning of pain and wracking muscle aches when I get done from one day's hard labor!

Mean guy! Or is it just me??? are some more pics to enjoy of the up and coming plants, etc....

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