Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What's been Happening???

Well, I am sure I can go on...one day and one step at a time...this is what people tell me....what I tell myself. Some days are good, and I can handle things okay. But days like yesterday are horrible days, and nothing seems to relieve my GRIEF, so I run-ded away! I am sure we all do that from time to time....I am NO different!

To keep myself "composed", I have been delving into my crafts, once again, and have managed to get some things listed on Ebay....My whole year has been totally screwed up and it seems like I wasted a whole year, so I am now taking the time to decide how I am going to go about all of this. I started with the "clutterbusting" of various areas...no, ALL areas of the house, and mainly here in the craft/computer room.
I am ALSO entertaining the thought of moving the whole set up into the room next door, which would give me a better way to lay out the room, and MORE ROOM to beat around in. Not a WHOLE lot, but I think something like 3 extra feet! Wow, what I could DO with THREE extra feet! LOL! So, I hope that I make that decision soon, but oh the thought of moving ALL this stuff, and THAT other stuff to just "set up" all over again!

Well, sleep is coming to me now...another rare thing to happen, so i will let this go for now, and hopefully will pick it up later.

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